About Company

About Chubbies Tiny Houses Ltd.

We are a family owned and run company, started out of a perceived need.


M. A. “Chubby” de Freitas has been in business in Barbados 🇧🇧, since 1964. His first business was Chubbies Rentals, scooters and cars. Next came Chubbies Video. Followed by TecCorner, Blackberry specialists. All while heading up de Freitas & Company Ltd., hardware merchants.

‒ COO/Director

Tricia de Freitas  has been admin assistant to Chubby, since 2000. After TecCorner, she spent several years as office administrator for Powder Coatings Inc. and Seamless Gutters Inc..

Tricia is an accomplished artist and started her Dreamers Rock Rescues, artistic furniture rescue business in 2020. Here is where the need was perceived. Tricia needed a showroom and more workshop space. Shipping containers were in short supply, expensive and needed customizing, when you could get one. Enter Chubbies Tiny Houses.

Tricia’s years of admin experience serves Chubbies Tiny Houses, admirably.

Tricia is the one who will show you around our demo units in Gibbons, she will also help you with your particular design, her artistic and creative mind will give you lots to think about.

‒ Director

F. Shane de Freitas, Oly. BS. Shane is an Olympian, who competed in gymnastics for Barbados, at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. He also holds a Bachelors degree in Business Administration from The University of Iowa. Shane was a Blackberry specialist and the COO of TecCorner.

Shane is currently the head gymnastics coach at Rise At The Warehouse Houston Texas. http://Riseattehwarehouse.com

Shane also remotely coaches high level Crossfit athletes in gymnastics, and PowerMonkey camps in Nashville Tennessee twice annually. Bimflip.com

‒ Corporate Secretary/Legal Consultant/Director:

Ebrahim Lakhi, LL.B, L.E.C, MCIArb, MPD

Ebrahim has been associated with our various companies since 2011, Eb brings a wealth of legal knowledge and experience to our board. Keeping us on the correct corporate path.

What We Do

Chubbies Tiny Houses imports powder coated galvanized steel beams and columns, EPS wallboard, steel purlins, ceiling and roof sheets from China. Doors and windows are provided locally by Oran Ltd. These materials are assembled at our Fontabelle location, and your completed unit is trucked to your location.

Electrical work is completed by a competent electrician, using locally purchased breaker boxes and breakers. This allows buyers the opportunity to replace breakers locally. We provide wiring and workshop flex to attach to an existing 110v electric supply. We do offer various levels of electrical wiring for 110v and 220v.

We  offer a variety of doors and windows manufactured locally by Oran local.  Renegade doors single and double. Glass sliding doors can also be fitted. Louver windows are available, along with the standard vinyl sliding and sash windows.

Contact us on WhatsApp so we can discuss available styles, pricing, and make an appointment to view.

WhatsApp 246 845 5931